Welcome to the Official Website of CACS

To better position ourselves as a prime research entity, and also to enhance and catalyse the UJCI’s research activities to complement our pending Model Confucius Institute status, we are now embarking on a process of creating an autonomous division to focus specially on research development and publication. This new outlet is to be called the Centre for Africa-China Studies (CACS) and is to be launched in November of 2018. Its activities are to include the following:

  • Creation and curation of a database keeping abreast with Africa-China trade volumes, FDI, tourism, and other vital economic indicators;
  • Catalysing of publication in peer-reviewed journal articles;
  • Convene three expert research seminars on various topics, some of which include the fourth industrial revolution, the BRICS, Africa-China relations and more;
  • Introduce a postgraduate course on the International Political Economy of Africa-China Relations to be taught at the University of Johannesburg;
  • Publish a series of books on Africa, China and the BRICS;
  • Catalyse the science cooperation between South Africa and China;
  • Distil, interpret and translate to the South African and African context the developmental experience of China in a series of policy briefs and research papers;
  • Provide, when requested and able, pointed expertise to the governments, civil service organisations and businesses of both countries on matters of economic and political relevance within our purview.

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