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Commemorate Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021 falls on Thursday 22 April. The CACS has called on UJ students and staff to commemorate Earth Day by picking up trash in their immediate environment. Trash bags and gloves have been placed at strategic locations on the UJ campus. To download an Earth Day poster, click on the button below.

Gearing Africa for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Report on contributions to international webinar

CACS has released a major report entitled ‘Gearing Africa for the Fourth Industrial Revolution’, based on contributions to an international webinar held on 21 July 2020. The presenters were Prof Tshilidzi Marwala, UJ Principal and Vice-Chancellor; Gitanjali Sah, Strategy and Policy Coordinator for the International Telecommunication Union (ICU); Edward Zhou, Vice President of Global Public Affairs, Huawei; Thang Nguyen-Quoc, economist for the Africa Unit of the OECD Development Centre; and Seth Mulli, Executive Director of the Youth Bridge Trust. The report summarises their contributions, and supplements their insights. Read more >>

China in Zambia: special partner, or one of many?

The CACS has published a major study on Chinese involvement in Zambia. Written by Arve Ofstad, an economist and a former Norwegian ambassador to Zambia, it reviews China’s engagement with Zambia in relation to the activities of other partner countries. It finds that, when situated in a longer time frame, China’s engagements with Zambia in terms of aid projects, loans and investments do not differ all that much from those of other major powers or development partners. Read more >>

Minister calls for unity in addressing African challenges

On Saturday 30 May 2020, the Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA) and the CACS hosted a virtual summit on South Africa’s foreign policy amid the coronavirus pandemic which was broadcast by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). The keynote speaker was the Hon. Dr Naledi Pandor, Minister of International Relations and Cooperation. Read more >>


Chinese investment in Ethiopia continues despite COVID-19

Chinese investment in Ethiopia has continued unabated even during the COVID-19 pandemic, thereby further dispelling the skepticism in some quarters about Chinese engagement with Africa, writes Messay M Tefera. Read more >>


African positions at the UN

On Wednesday 9 September, CACS and the UJ Library hosted a Zoom webinar on ‘African Common Positions as a Tool for Multilateralism: Focus on the UN General Assembly’. Read more >>

Nelson Mandela's soccer diplomacy

On 12 July 2020, CACS and the Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA), in collaboration with the UJ Library, hosted a zoom webinar on ‘Nelson Mandela’s Soccer Diplomacy’. The keynote speaker was the Hon. Mr. Nathi Mthethwa, Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture. Read more >>

China's global diplomatic relations: COVID-19 and beyond

On Wednesday 24 June 2020, Kerry Brown, Professor of Chinese Studies and Director of the Lau China Institute in King’s College, London, and Associate Fellow of the Asia Pacific Programme at Chatham House, London, addressed a CACS Zoom webinar on ‘China’s Global Diplomatic Relations: COVID-19 and Beyond’. Read more >>

People-to-People relations in the time of Covid-19 - Africa and China

On 20 May 2020, CACS hosted a zoom webinar on people-to-people relations in the time of COVID-19 with a specific focus on Africa and China. Cases of alleged racial discrimination in China against people of colour made the seminar a necessary and timely initiative. About 80 people, some from as far afield as Nigeria, China, France and the United Kingdom, joined the webinar online. Read more >>

The intellectual legacy and work
of Thandika Mkandawire

On 29 April 2020, CACS, in collaboration with the UJ LIbrary, hosted a zoom webinar on ‘The Intellectual work and legacy of Thandika Mkandawire’. The speakers were Prof Gilbert Khadiagala and Dr Ibbo Mandaza, and the chair was Elinor Sisulu.

How is COVID-19 affecting Africa?

ZOOM seminar, in collaboration with with the UJ LIbrary, 16 April 2020. Speakers: Hannah Ryder, CEO, Development Reimagined; Admassu Tadesse, President and CEO, Trade and Development Bank. Chair: Prof Saurabh Sinha.


Martin Jacques on China and Africa

Prof Martin Jacques, author of the global best-seller When China Rules the World: the End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order, reflects on economic changes within China and what they mean for its relationship with African countries.

Hannah Ryder on China and Africa

Hannah Ryder, CEO of Development Reimagined, reflects on future relations between China and Africa.


CACS Occasional Paper No 10

‘China in Africa: Special partner, or one of many? Arve Ofstad, June 2020. Read more >>

CACS Occasional Paper No 9

‘Catching Up After Half a Millennium’:Jeffrey Sachs on the Chinese Development Model. Bhaso Ndzendze, April 2020. Read more >>

CACS Occasional Paper No 8

Towards Solarium II: The US-China Trade War, and US Options for Countering the Rise of China. Charles Matseke, March 2020. Read more >>

CACS Occasional Paper No 7

The domestic origins and global implications of China’s reform and opening up. Dr Zhu Ming, October 2019. Read more >>

CACS Occasional Paper No 6

Sino-Ethiopian Trade and Investment Relations: Actors, Determinants and Trends. Dr Messay Mulugeta, September 2018. Read more >>

CACS Occasional Paper No 5

Sino-South African Relations after Twenty: Key Lessons. Dr David Monyae and Gibson Banda. January 2018.  Read more >>

CACS Occasional Paper No 4

Implications of the US-led War on Terror for Africa-China relations. Bhaso Ndzendze. October 2017. Read more >>

CACS Occasional Paper No 3

The Relevance of Ubuntu for African Development and International Relations in the Global Future: Comments on Muxe Nkondo. Professor Peter O Ndege. September 2017. Read more >>

CACS Occasional Paper No 2

Ubuntu as Public Policy: Challenges and Opportunities. Professor Muxe Nkondo. Read more


CACS Policy Brief No 9

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Food Security in Ethiopia. Dr Messay Muguleta. September 2020. Read more >>

CACS Policy Brief No 8

Transnet’s Internationalisation and SA Foreign Policy: The Potential for Transport Diplomacy in AFrica. Dr Messay Muguleta. January 2020. Read more >>

CACS Policy Brief No 7

Africa-China Industrial and Infrastructural Cooperation: Recommendations. November 2019. Read more >>

CACS Policy Brief No 6

The 2018 FOCAC Summit: Prospects for an African Multilateral Policy towards China in a Changing Global Economy. Bongane Gasela, October 2018. Read more >>

CACS Policy Brief No 5

Sino-Kenyan Co-operation: Whither the West? Dr Westen K Shilaho, March 2018. Read more >>


CACS Policy Brief No 4

Sino-African Relations in 2017: Where to from here? Dr David Monyae and Bhaso Ndzendze. January 2018. Read more >>

CACS Policy Brief No 3

The US, Russia, China and Africa in the Evolving Global Order. Dr David Monyae. November 2017. Read more >>

CACS Policy Brief No 2

The BRICS Model of South-South Cooperation. Swaran Singh, August 2017. Read more >>

CACS Policy Brief No 1

BRICS Studies: Some Suggested Themes. Chris Landsberg, Francis A. Kornegay Jr and Mzukisi Qobo. July 2017. Read more >>