Africa-China Win-Win Index


Relations between China and African countries are the subject of much debate and are prone to unquantified and unverified assertions. To offer a corrective to this issue, the CACS is constructing the Africa-China Win-Win Index (ACWWI) to be released and updated on an annual basis. The index is to be composed of inputs across the following aspects of the relationship:

  • Economic beneficiation
    • Trade
    • FDI
    • Job creation
  • International political cooperation
  • Social impact
  • Transparency promotion
  • Social engagement
  • Environmental impact


The ACWWI is to be developed on an annual basis by gauging inputs from various scholars, experts, business community, and civil society on various aspects of the relationship. These experts will subsequently grade the relationship on a 0-100 formula, and the scores will be tallied accordingly.