Benin-China Relations

Country profile

GDP: US$10.354 billion

GDP growth: 6.5% (2019) and 6.5% (2020)

Population: 11,485,048 million people

Prime minister: N/A the current president decided not to nominate a prime minister.

President: Patrice Talon

Minister of Foreign affairs: Aurelien Agbenonci

Ambassador to China: Simon Pierre Adovelande


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Bilateral trade relations

Import from China: 2,942,469,756 (2008) and 2,150,684,993 (2018)

Export to China: 110,161,584 (2008) and 48,324,485 (2018)


Key cooperation areas: Infrastructure and crude oil

  • China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) signed a contract with Benin to build and operate crude oil