Cameroon-China Relations

Country profile

GDP: US$38.675 billion

GDP growth: 4.2% (2019) and 4.4% (2020)

Population: 25,216,237 people

Prime minister: Philemon Yang

Minister of Foreign affairs: Lejeune Mbella Mbella

Ambassador to China: Martin Mpana


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Bilateral trade relations

Import from China: 14,953,954 (2008) and 78,050,126 (2018)

Export to China: 290,464 (2008) data unavailable (2018)


Key cooperation areas: Infrastructure (anti-malaria center, schools, center for agricultural technology) in exchange of resources like wood. According to the presidency, China intervenes in infrastructures, clean water, medicine, roads and harbors, hydroelectricity, social houses, civil aeronautics, mines, telecommunications, etc.