Webinar on Zambia’s ‘new dawn’

Laura Miti
Fumba Chama
Marisa Lourenco

On Wednesday 24 August 2022, CACS, in partnership with the UJ Library, hosted a webinar titled ‘Assessing Zambia’s ‘new dawn’ government after a year in power’.


The main speakers were:
Ms Laura Miti, Executive Director, Alliance for Community Action (ACA)
Mr Fumba Chama (PilAto), musician and social activist
Ms Marisa Lourenco, Rist Analyst


When, in August 2021, Hakainde Hichilema defeated the incumbent, Edgar Lungu, and became Zambia’s seventh president, he declared that his government would introduce a ‘new dawn’. After a year in power, it is pertinent to ask: what were the immediate challenges facing his government? What has changed since his administration has assumed power? And what can the current government promise the millions of Zambians who are struggling to survive, especially youths, who carried Hichilema to office?

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