Articles in the media


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David Monyae: China wants to increase investment in SA. IOL, 15 April.

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David Monyae. Africa should beware the second coming of Trump’s terrifying world. Sunday Times, 4 February.

Emmanuel Matambo and David Monyae. South Africa’s moral victory at the ICJ — the West was also on trial. Daily Maverick, 1 February.

David Monyae. Martin Luther King Jr: Can the US live up to his ideals and values? The African, 22 January.

Emmanuel Matambo, South Africa-China Relations at 26: What explains the growth and strength, Pan African Review,  16 January.


David Monyae, Nation’s shift to the right has implications for BRICS, IOL, 26 November.

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David Monyae, Africa must move up the EV value chain, Business Day, 4 September.

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Sizo Nkala, 100 days of escalating conflict requires serious attention, Sunday Tribune, 30 July.

Edmund Terem Ugar, Reimagining the 4IR for Africa, The Joburg Post.

Sizo Nkala. BRICS expansion will accelerate creation of a new world order. Independent Online, 11 June.

Sizo Nkala. Powerhouses Nigeria and SA shape the economy of continent. Independent Online, 4 June.

Nkala Sizo. Leaders’ priorities misplaced when ‘continent is burning’. Independent Online, 28 May.

Sizo Nkala. AU’s failure opened door to non-African peace mediators. The African, 21 May.

David Monyae. African liberators shirk their responsibility to serve. The African, 12 May.

David Monyae. BRICS stands tall as new world order emerges. The African, 9 May.

Sizo Nkala. Pan-African dream a mirage as conflicts, economic pain rule. Independent Online, 7 May.

Sizo Nkala. Free trade area in danger of being a ‘paper tiger’. The African, 30 April.

Sizo Nkala. Sudan fighting likely to destabilise region reeling from conflicts in Ethiopia, South Sudan. The African, 24 April.

Khensani Ntlemo. The Bleak Reality of Youth Unemployment in Post-Apartheid SA. Independent Online, 20 April.

David Monyae. Forging Palestine-Israel peace without America. The African, 20 April.

Sizo Nkala. Rise in military power grabs retards Africa’s democracy project. Independent Online, 16 April.

Emmanuel Matambo. Kamala Harris’ visit to Zambia. The Pan African Review, 11 April.

Sizo Nkala. Pan-Africanism spirit remains elusive in North Africa. Independent Online, 9 April.

Sizo Nkala. Rwanda’s contradictory relationship with Western powers. The African, 2 April.

David Monyae. Democracy Summit: Africa’s disdain for West’s ‘lecture on democracy’. The African, 20 March.

Nkala Sizo. BRICS now the voice for South-South co-operation. Independent Online, 19 March 2023.

David Monyae. Republican resolution an ‘arrogant’ disregard for SA’s Sovereignty. The African, 6 March.

Sizo Nkala. Voter apathy a key factor in disputed elections outcome. Independent Online, 5 March.

Sizo Nkala. Joint military exercises should be seen in context of tensions between major powers. Independent Online, 29 January.

Sizo Nkala. Expulsion of Israeli diplomat raises political temperature. Independent Online, 25 February 2023.

Sizo Nkala. South Africa emerges as favoured destination for political exiles. New Zimbabwe, 21 February.

Emmanuel Matambo. Janet Yellen’s African trip fans the flames of the ‘debt trap’ narrative. Mail & Guardian, 17 February.


Charles Matseke and Koffi Kouakou. Russian roulette in Mali. Independent Media, 4 February 2022.

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David Monyae. China’s prosperity vision offers Africa a new growth platform. Independent Media, 5 February 2022.

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