Dr Zhu Ming

Dr. Zhu Ming

CACS Visiting Research Fellow

Programme: Africa-China in International Forums


Brief Professional Biography

Dr. Zhu Ming received a B.A. at the East China Normal University (ECNU), an M.A. at Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS), and a Ph.D. at Shanghai Normal University. Since 2007, he has been Research Fellow at the Center for West-Asian and African Studies & Institute for Global Governance Studies, at SIIS. He has also served as visiting scholar at Centre for Chinese Studies of Stellenbosch University in South Africa and the Southern African Research and Documentation Centre (SARDC) in Zimbabwe. He specializes in the studies of BRICS, China-African relations and global development issues. Besides academic works, he is also an active international affairs columnist of several mainstream Chinese newspapers, including People Daily (overseas version), Wenhui Daily and China Trade News among others.

Seminar on ‘Space Cooperation: The Next Frontier of Africa-China Relations’ with Dr. Ming’s participation in the form of a keynote address, within the auspices of the CACS.

CACS Publication

‘The domestic origins and global implications of China’s reform and opening up’ (October 2019) READ HERE

Selected Publications

“The Analysis on present New Left Movement of Latin America”,International Review,Winter 2006.

A brief Analysis of ‘Chinese Aid Threat’ – Challenges and Pressures facing China’s Diplomacy”, in Shanghai Social Science Association ed., China’s Future: Questions and Challenges (Shanghai People Press, 2008).

“Toward a New Decade: Research on the Sustainable Development of FOCAC”,West Asia and Africa Studies, Sep-Oct 2010.

“Politique africaine de la Chine: perspectives et devenir Facteurs inédits et incidences”,Les Temps Modernes,No.657, janvier-mars 2010.

“The Sustainable Development of Sino-African Cooperation: Actors, Gaps and Reforms”, Global Review, Winter 2012.

“The infrastructure cooperation between Africa and China: Progress, Opportunity and Challenges”, in China Foreign Affairs University and China International Relations Association ed., International Relations Studies: New Developments and New Questions (Beijing: World Affairs Press, 2013).

“The Evolution and Dynamics of South Africa’s Official Post-2015 Position”, in Thomas Fues and Ye Jiang eds., “United Nations Post-2015 Agenda for Global Development: Perspectives from China and Europe” (German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik: Bonn 2014), DIE Studies, No.84.

“Annual report on Sino-African industrial capacity cooperation”, in LIU Hongwu ed., Annual Report on African Situations (Beijing: China Social Science Press, 2016).

Shanghai’s medical aid teams to Morocco since 1975”, in SIIS and People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (Shanghai) eds., Shanghai’s Foreign Affairs and Public Diplomacy (Shanghai People Press, 2018).


CACS Research Projects

  • The progress of Sino-African relations with the framework of the BRI, FOCAC, UN SDG and AU Agenda 2063, with reference to:
    • The economic cooperation, including infrastructure, finance, trade;
    • The people-to-people exchanges and cooperation, including sci-tech, Confucius Institutes, etc.


  • The 2019 BRICS Summit and how China and SA could play more constructive roles in this forum.


  • Sino-SA relations, with a focus on:
    • The new (domestic and foreign) initiatives of SA’s new govt;
    • To what extent they would have their impacts on Sino-SA relations;
    • How both countries could further upgrade their bilateral relations.
  • Some recent Sino-African topics, including debt issues.

Intended research outputs for 2019

  • 1-2 English journal articles on Sino-African sci-tech cooperation, debt issue etc.;
  • At least one public lecture delivered to UJ students arranged by CACS;
  • Some short English academic working papers or editorials which focus on the big events of 2019 (e.g. BRICS Summit, G20 etc) would be submitted to UJCJ or CACS;
  • One or more comments or op-ed articles published either in Chinese or African newspapers.