Africa-China in International Forums

Program Manager: Charles Matseke


This project will monitor and examine Chinese engagements and investments in Africa nations, governments and the diaspora with a specific focus on International Forums. The primary objective will be then to study and produce quality research in terms of:

  • Africa-China objectives in the economic and political spheres;
  • African perceptions of Chinese engagements and investments;
  • Finally, the project will closely examine the opportunities and challenges posed by the increasing presence of China in Africa and the diaspora.

In an effort to achieve the above mentioned, the research themes are identified as follows:

  1. Africa-China interaction in the changing international context.
  2. Understanding the pillars of China-Africa strategy: Situating Africa in China’s broader foreign policy.
  3. China and the promise of an alternative vision for development in Africa.
  4. China-Africa cooperation outlook after the 7th FOCAC Summit.
  5. The global perceptions and outlooks on the Africa-China relations.
  6. China-Africa environmental cooperation at the United Nations.
  7. The durability of Beijing’s non-interference policy vis-à-vis Africa.
  8. UN/WTO PATA Forum on Tourism Trends and Outlook Road to 2030.
  9. South-South Cooperation: Towards enhancement or replacement?

The above mentioned themes depending on the magnitude of engagement will be achieved/delivered through a series of public dialogues, research papers, opinions pieces, newspaper articles and peer reviewed academic journals.

Upcoming papers:

  • Africa and China at the United Nations 4 Decades on: Cooperation or Divergence?, Third World Quarterly: Q1 2019
  • China and the UNSC Resolution 1973: Beijing’s Interests and the Limits of non-intervention?, Journal of Asia-Africa Studies: Q2 2019
  • Failure of a homogeneous interface?: Game theoretic analysis of the AU’s lack of agency in Africa-China relations, Journal of African Union Studies: Q1 2019