Our Research

In fulfilling its Model CI status, the University of Johannesburg Confucius Institute seeks to be the central hub on research concerning the contours and ongoing developments in the relationship between South Africa and China, China and Africa and the various incarnations of the relationship, including in the United Nations, BRICS and the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank.

The UJCI is perfectly placed to carry out such tasks and to fulfil such aims. Being a part of the University of Johannesburg, it has at its disposal vast expertise on African politics and economics, and will make extensive use of this in its operation, and at the same time, being a joint pursuit between UJ and NTU, it also has a footing in China – an important source of proximity which will facilitate not only the staffing of the Centre but also the acquisition of data and other research materials to be used in the Centre’s execution of its tasks and performance indicators.

The Centre will be ran along specialized programs which will be focused on particular interfaces of the relationship. These include specifically Economic Relations, Historical Review, Africa and China in International Forums, and People-to-People Relations. These programs will be furnished with an analytical article, and/or book reviews at least once every three weeks. Additional occasional papers, interviews and myographs may accompany every two months.

Economic Relations

This program will focus on the trade, aid and FDI relations between China and African countries in the contemporary era.

Africa and China in International Forums

This program will be aimed at distilling the patterns of cooperation and dissent between African states and China in international forums such as the UN (and its constituent organs), the AU, BRICS, and on particular transnational issues such as environmental change, security and migration.

People-to-People Relations

This program will be aimed at promulgating research focused on the ‘grassroots’, people-to-people relations between China and Africa in both contexts, generating understandings around lived realities, perceptions, challenges and opportunities and the role they play in the larger politics.